“Communing with nature, dancing in the aquatic realm, immersed in the womb of Planet Earth, I have found the purest of joy while surfing.” - Shawn Zappo “Surfing Sadhana”

Surf & Abide was created for all those who find meaning in the surf. Surfing draws people from all walks of life and in the surf, they all blend together, into the now. There is something special that draws people to surfing, whether as a participant or as an observer on the beach. That something special is a connection to the ocean, to the planet, and to the universe that says “you are not alone and we are all one”. We strive to participate in this idea with you.

The “Surfing Sadhana” book was born out of the idea of bringing many of the ideas we share at surfandabide.com to you in the form of a high end coffee table style book. Our hopes are that the book is something people can enjoy in a leisurely fashion, picking it up when they feel moved, finding an essay, poem, quote, or photo that speaks to them on any given day. On a deeper level the book is about surfing as a life long path, a way in which we as human beings, connect with nature and spirit through the practice of riding waves.

The Art of Surf campaign is a way in which we decided to raise funds to further our work on surfandabide.com and the forthcoming book “Surfing Sadhana”. We reached out to various friends in the surf community, who came together to donate their art to be printed on T Shirts to help us continue our mission. We didn’t want to use a traditional T shirt crowd funding platform, as we didn’t want to be disconnected from the process. So our friends at Evil Paradise will handle all the printing of our shirts.

We’ve been doing Surf and Abide for just about two years now and we stand at a place of growing forward. We set out to create and curate a site that would touch on sides of the surf experience that we found inspiring, while being conscious of staying close to the root of our surf culture as we understand it. Really, we just wanted to share our love of surfing with you, through the medium of the written word, photography, and film.

I’m happy with the work we’ve done this far, but I am excited to work on larger projects with hopes of stoking out our readership community. If you feel so moved, grab a shirt, and help support. Thank you.

Our roster of donating artists is as follows:
Sean Bernhardt (Evil Paradise)
Patrick Dean (Tattooville Neptune)
Manny Caro (Mandala Surfboards)
Erik Schmidt (Tattooville Neptune)
Matt Parker (Album Surfboards)
Scott Szegeski (Surfboard Gyotaku)

All shirts are printed on American Apparel Tri Blend T shirts.

How it works

1 Limited Edition T shirt design will be released every 2 weeks. There’s a 2 week period to buy a specific design, after the 2 weeks the shirt is no longer available. Extra special limited edition style! Get them while you can and you’ll help us keep bringing you surf content you love.

Shirts ship to customers at the end of the two week availability period.