• Image of The "Double MERKABAH" Hoodie ||| by Manny Caro

The "Double MERKABAH" Hoodie by Manny Caro, the mastermind behind Mandala Surfboards.

MERKABAH meaning:

Used in meditation, the Merkabah can become a source of power and enlightenment. It can help a person realize his full potential and connect with the goodness in him, as well as the higher being. This field of light, love and goodwill can also extend to others, thereby enveloping them in the same healing energy. The Merkabah can also be used to transcend to other dimensions and realities.

All Hoodies limited edition. All printed on American Apparel Tri Blend garments. This hoodie is available in Burgundy with Black ink.

By ordering this hoodie you are supporting the continued works of www.surfandabide.com and the "Surfing Sadhana" book project. Plus, you're getting a super comfy hoodie!

Thank you. 🙏